I strongly believe that animal testing is a form of cruelty I am going to give you three points on why I have these strong views.


First argument:   I think by testing products on animals to make sure they are safe for humans are wrong. Skin testing on mice, dogs, cats and guinea pigs it could cause major problems for the animals such as redness and burning of the skin and eyes.


Second argument: The animals that get tested on are locked up in cages in the laboratories. This is cruel in my words because the animals should be living with their families and live in their natural surroundings.  The animals have limited space for there movement.


Third argument: In many countries animal testing is legal. in my opinion that is wrong and the government should introduce laws to ban it. The government should realize how the animals could suffer pain and even cause death.


In conclusion I think that testing of products on animals is wrong and cruel because it could damage animals, they have limited space, and the government should care for the animals. Thank you for listening to my persuasive text.


As the aeroplane tyres screeched the runway, the plane took off. It was a rocky takeoff as the wind swept us from side to side. There was very bad turbulence so the airhostess played music to calm everyone down. In the background you could hear the violins playing classical music.  Still I felt sick in fact I turned the colour yellow because I had eaten too much before I got on the bumpy aeroplane. The wind was very bad so we needed to circle a few times to adjust our landing time. Finally we landed and I felt relieved


We all rushed to the school bus. We were all excited about our football match. Once we were on the bus we drove to a football ground, where we were playing in a few minutes. As we stormed on to the field I had a horrible feeling we weren’t going to win. The other team was very competitive but we were just there to have fun. As the afternoon past we knew we weren’t going to win they were just too good. As I was chasing the ball a whistle blew and every one disappeared off the field. The match was finished and we lost.


I STRONGLY believe that we should not have circus animals


Even though it’s a form of entertainment you need to think how the animals feel. If you were an animal would you like to live in a small cage, not able to move around much?  Animals should live in a natural environment. They should not be isolated; they need to be with their families. Also would you like to be forced to learn tricks that could be dangerous and unsuitable to their lifestyle? Also some animals are highly dangerous in the circus if the trainers and keepers make one mistake they might get bitten or even eaten.

These are the main reasons why I strongly believe that we shouldn’t have circus animals


Here is a bronze statue. He looks like an older man from Texas in America.  He looks like he could be wealthy as he is very well dressed in a smart suit, with a bow tie and cowboy hat.  He was an ex-convict who was convicted for stealing and had 7 years transportation. But when he became a free man he farmed for years and made a lot of his money from farming successful crops and made the most of his money from finding oil under his land. After his years of finding oil and farming crops he had found himself one of the richest people in Texas.

BTN-remembrance day

3 facts Remembrance Day is celebrated on 11 November. Remembrance Day is celebrated because of when the war ended on November 11 1918, the end of the First World War. The First World War is known as one of the worst wars in history. The war began when Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia in 1914 so all the countries allies came and helped. By November 11 the axis all came together a signed a contract to give up. 1 questions why Austria did -Hungary declare war on Serbia? 1 wonder I wonder what would happen now if the allied didn’t win the war


Asbestos is a building material that was used a lot back in the day. The reason it was used a lot because it was water proof, fire proof and made houses warm. Then scientist recognised that asbestos is dangerous in ways of giving you lung cancer. An example of getting lung cancer from asbestos is when a mother and father as constructing a house. There 4 year old son was playing in asbestos dust and he died by the age of 20 from lung cancer. Asbestos I perfectly fine but when asbestos is broken up into little parts it is lethal. 2 questions can you any other cancer from asbestos? Which scientist suggested asbestos is lethal? 1 wonder I wonder when asbestos was invented and what chemicals dose it contain to be dangerous.

semester 1 and 2 goals

One of my goals for semester 1 was to learn more about subtraction. I can improve on my subtraction by my sister showing me strategies how to work it out. One of my goals was to learn more about fractions. I could improve this by researching about it. Another goal I have is subtract decimals. I improved this by looking up tutorials on YouTube. My other goal was to use more strategies to work out complex spelling. I could improve on this by listening to the teacher more and not getting distracted


Working with my sister helped me with my ability to understand subtraction it took a while to understand but I still accomplished it. I still haven’t achieved the goal to work with fractions but I am still trying to work with them by researching. Looking up tutorials on YouTube helped me with the ability of subtracting decimals I had a lot of trouble understanding it but after a while I got it. Listening to my teacher helped me a lot and I used more spelling strategies to work out a word.


I need to improve on using more math strategies. I could work on this by thinking deeper and out of the box and not being lazy to come up with more strategies. I’d like to work on explaining and reasoning in science. I could work on this by paying more attention to the experiment. I want to improve on my full stops and capital letters. I could improve on this by rereading my work more. I also need to improve on not letting people think for me. i could improve on this by thinking more and being brave






As the flame flickered and then went out it was complete darkness. I could feel a horrible chill going down my spine. I try find anything to hide under. I find my basement where I could hide in but I choose not to because the floors creak what would give a sign that I am in the basement. As I hide under my bed I could hear endless thumping on floor. I have had enough of hiding so I run as fast as I could to the exit door what is locked. I run the other way, I trip and fell to the ground hard. I find myself in my bedroom sleeping IT WAS A DREAM!



As I swam as fast as I could I knew it was still chasing after me. It was complete silence this just made me worry even more. “SWOOSH!” something went right past my leg as I swim as fast I could in my orange pyjamas as felt  something latch onto me  I heard thunder in the sky. The latch I felt wasn’t a weak harmless latch it was an aggressive painful latch. I finally identify what it was it was a SHARK!  Even though I was losing blood form my leg I try use all my strength from my body. It was complete darkness I hear life guards in the back ground I am SAVED!